God doesn’t exist because of one guy’s experience?

This highlight was stored on my Kindle (but the original page now looks to be deleted):

I’ve been cruising this planet for over 60 years. IF God existed he would know what sort of evidence would convince me of his existence… if he wanted me to know it ;) So far? Nothing; nada; zilch.” I suppose HE either doesn’t care about ME in any way whatsoever… OR God is imaginary…

I’m going with the latter. I’m 100% certain god is imaginary. If he really existed he would have found a way to convince me he exists. Obviously he hasn’t cos just as obviously he doesn’t.

While that sounded like an argument from silence, let’s move beyond the hunt-for-logical-fallacies approach, and note this as well:

You might be a fundamentalist atheist if:

10. You consistently deny the existence of God because you personally have never seen him but you reject out of hand personal testimony from theists who claim to have experienced God as a reality in their lives.

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