All hail hydrogen, helium and lithium

To those who do not know what the Big Bang is, it is the theory that at some time in the past, now [in 1993] generally believed to have been about fifteen to twenty billion years ago, all the matter in the universe was concentrated into a single mass, which exploded with a “big bang.”

The idea began with a Belgian astronomer, Georges Edward Lemaitre. According to Isaac Asimov, Lemaitre conceived this mass to be “no more than a few light-years in diameter.” At the very least, that would be two light-years or about twelve trillion miles.

By 1965 that figure was reduced to 275 million miles, by 1972 to 71 million miles, by 1974 to 54 thousand miles, by 1983 to “a trillionth the diameter of a proton,” and now, to nothing at all! A singularity!

It exploded, producing hydrogen and helium and perhaps some lithium. Time became the hero and multiple billions of years later it had produced everything in the universe, including Lewis Carroll’s famous “shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings.”

Quote source

Davidheiser, B. (1993). A statement concerning the ministry of Dr. Hugh Ross. Logos Publishers, Canoga Park. Available Last accessed 20th Jun 2015.


2 thoughts on “All hail hydrogen, helium and lithium

  1. My theory goes something like this: In the beginning there was nothing. God took the nothing and separated matter from anti-matter. This required an enormous amount of energy. No wonder there was a big bang. Light was created too.

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