When nihilists are unaware of Biblical history

According to “nihilist”:

A penchant for exaggeration: The bible simply cannot simply tell a story. It exaggerates to the point of being absurd. For example, it describes a flood that is so great in magnitude that the highest land-based mountains are subjmerged [sic]. While there is evidence that flooding occured [sic] in the area, there is absolutely no evidence for a flood of this size…

In conclusion, the Bible…is full of errors, contradictions and absurdities. The problems we have overcome have been in spite of, not because of the Bible. It has been through the application of reason and science that we have overcome the things it has condoned, even demanded. Pretending otherwise is plain silly.

Well don’t tell that to Nicholas Steno:

Another landmark of Steno’s Prodromus [Nicholas Steno’s pioneering 17th century book on geology] was its interpretation of the geologic history of Tuscany. Although crude by later standards, it began a trend that grew in to a powerful system of documenting Earth’s history. Interestingly enough, Steno interpreted Tuscany’s strata in the biblical framework, and modern geologists are usually surprised to learn that the ‘father of modern geology’ believed in the global Flood of Genesis.

Quote source

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