Carl Wieland victorious over Ian Plimer

A second major attack on the ministry [of Creation Ministries International] was by an Australian atheistic geology professor, Ian Plimer, who wrote a deceitful and inflammatory book, which was fêted by the biased media. Once again, too many people (including Christians) didn’t bother to check his claims. But Dr Wieland arranged a complete rebuttal of the book and an independent inquiry led by the honoured corruption-fighting Chief Magistrate of New South Wales, Clarrie Briese, and composed of church leaders of impeccable reputation. The inquiry showed that the accusations were completely without foundation. When Christians realized this was nothing more than a vexatious attack by a God-hater, the ministry’s support grew substantially.

All of this was before the Internet era, so our opponents had a virtual monopoly on the public ‘microphone’ via the mass media. After our website was established, we demonstrated that we could refute false accusations quickly and thoroughly, and reach the public readily as well. After that, Prof. Plimer largely left creationists alone and has taken up refuting global warm-mongering alarmism. Dr Wieland noted that Plimer “[is] now the pariah of the leftist media who once cheered him on in his attacks on creationists,” and sent him a note of commiseration.

Quote source

Sarfati, J. & Bates, G. (2015). Dr Carl Wieland retires after four decades
Tribute to ministry founder as CMI enters new phase
. Creation Ministries International. Available Last accessed  8th Jun 2015.


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