Atheists know that theology was the midwife of science

You [the atheist Phillip Adams] are quite right that theology was the midwife of science. Again this is a matter of historical fact. That’s no surprise because the Christian religion that dominated Europe in the seventeenth century had a long tradition of scholarly enquiry.

Theologians such as Augustine and Thomas Aquinas set out their thinking in a rational and rigorous way. They formulated very deep ideas about physical existence, about nature and the order in nature, about creation and about God, and God’s qualities, and so on. They constructed a sort of systematic theology, much like the Greeks constructed a systematic geometry.

It was from this tradition that early scientists like Newton and Kepler began their investigations of nature, applying the sorts of principles and the type of reasoning that theologians had already developed. As a result, they made all kinds of discoveries that would never have emerged from alternative modes of investigation like mysticism and shamanism.

Quote source

Davies, P. (1998). More Big Questions: Paul Davies in Conversation with Phillip Adams. ABC Books, Sydney, pp. 29-30


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