Regeneration (not revolution) is the way forward

According to the British Centre for Science Education:

Still, the utter nasty meanness of [Christian] reconstructionism pervades the entire movement as it did the Taliban:

“The creation mandate was precisely the requirement that man subdue the earth and exercise dominion over it. There is not one word of Scripture to indicate or imply that this mandate ever was revoked. There is every word of Scripture to declare that this mandate must and shall be fulfilled. Those who attempt to break it shall themselves be broken.” (Rushdoony, The Institutes of Biblical Law, 1973, p.14)

Note the last sentence. This is the language of an authoritarian opinionated monster – the language of mandate, subjugation, submission, and dominion driving an ideology based on a God who will never accept compromise, moderation, or tolerance.

But the BCSE’s interpretation is biased and comes across as irritated emotional rhetoric—the kind one would expect from a left-wing politician. Absent from the BCSE’s polemic is the following quote of Rushdoony:

Because we are not God, for us the decisive power in society must be the regenerating power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit in and through us. Not revolution but regeneration, not coercion but conversion, is our way of changing the world and furthering the Kingdom of God. This is the heart of Christian reconstruction. The heart of Biblical law is that it makes us the basic government of society in and through our personal and family life, through our vocations, churches, and schools. In Biblical law, civil government is a very limited and minor sphere of rule and power.

If only the British Centre for Science Education could broaden its narrow field of understanding (beyond evolution and climate science advocacy) to a half-decent grasp of theology.

Quote sources

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  2. Rushdoony, R.J. (n.d.) The Heart of Christian Reconstruction. Chalcedon Foundation. Available Last accessed 6th Jun 2015.

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