Beware of gender theory’s hostility to the Bible

Gender theory further holds that any distinctions between males and females (e.g., men acting as heads of their households, dressing in ways that are socially appropriate to one’s gender, and so on) are “constructs” that society forces them to abide by. If they “transgress” (gender theorists love that word) those social boundaries, the gender theorist argues, they are ostracized and punished…

So what does gender as a social construct have to do with any of this [discussion of The Curse in Genesis 3]? Gender theory was my area of study for my master’s degree in English. People who specialize in the area of gender theory typically make it their aim to justify sexual and gender-related behavior that the Bible condemns as sinful.

Quote source

Golden, S. (2012). Feedback: Are Gender Roles a Social Construct? Answers in Genesis. Available Last accessed 30th May 2015.


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