The government’s totalitarian tendencies in 2015

The state says to the individual: you have a right to your religious and philosophical beliefs, but only so long as you keep them to yourself and don’t allow them to be expressed in your relations with your fellow citizens.  You may believe what you want in the privacy of your own mind, but you may not translate your beliefs into social or political action.  But we are free to translate our leftist ‘theology’ into rules and regulations that diminish your liberty.  What then becomes of the “free exercise of religion” spoken of in the First Amendment?  It is out the window.  The totalitarian state has taken one more step in its assault on the liberty of the individual.

The totalitarian state of the contemporary liberal says to the individual: you have no right to live your beliefs unless we allow you to; but we have every right to impose our leftist beliefs on you and force you to live as we see fit.

Here are some home truths that cannot be repeated too often:

We are not the property of the state.

Our rights and liberties do not come from the state, but are logically antecedent to it, inscribed as they are in the very nature of things.

We do not have to justify our keeping of what is ours; the state has to justify its taking.

Quote source

Vallicella, B. (2013). Separation of Leftism and State. Maverick Philosopher. Available Last accessed 16th May 2015.


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