Mudskippers aren’t a “creationist’s worst nightmare”

Our attention was drawn to a video on YouTube which showed fish called mudskippers ‘walking’ around on exposed mudflats in mangrove swamps—”a creationist’s worst nightmare” exulted our antagonists.

We took up the ‘challenge’, and demonstrated the evolutionary penchant for half truths by showing that mudskippers are, in fact, marvellous specialists with a unique set of features:

  • stereoscopic vision;
  • liquid-filled skin ‘cups’ to keep their eyes moist when out of water;
  • a ‘ramped’ retina allowing them to focus through the upper and lower sections of their eyes in/out of water;
  • the special ability to breathe through the mouth and skin (rather than gills);
  • a lubricant slime covering with antimicrobial properties.

Such characteristics refute the evolution of these mudskippers, instead supporting a design explanation.

Quote source

Bell, P. (2015). Proclaiming Creation in a Scientific Age. Creation Ministries International Partners Update, May 2015, p. 2


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