Leftists and their denial of reality

Why do leftists deny reality? A good part of the answer is that they deny it because reality does not fit their scheme. Leftists confuse the world with their view of the world. In their view of the world, people are all equal and religions are all equal—equally good or equally bad depending on the stripe of the leftist. They want it to be that way and so they fool themselves into thinking that it is that way.  Moral equivalency reigns. If you point out that Muhammad Atta was an Islamic terrorist, they shoot back that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian terrorist—wilfully  ignoring the crucial difference that the murderous actions of the former derive from Islamic/Islamist doctrine whereas the actions of the latter do not derive from Christian doctrine.

And then these leftists like Cole compound their willful ignorance of reality by denouncing those who speak the truth as ‘Islamophobes.’

That would have been like hurling the epithet ‘Nazi-phobe’ at a person who, in 1938, warned of the National Socialist threat to civilized values.

Quote source

Vallicella, B. (2013). Islam, Radical Islam, and the Left’s Denial of the Threat. Maverick Philosopher. Available http://maverickphilosopher.typepad.com/maverick_philosopher/2013/04/islam-radical-islam-and-the-the-lefts-denial-of-the-threat.html. Last accessed 9th May 2015.


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