Creationist scientist outguns evolutionist scientist

Jonathan [Sarfati]’s training in chemistry enables him to see through the flaws in chemical evolution (aka abiogenesis), the materialistic theory that life came from non-living chemicals…

n his university days, the head of organic chemistry [at the Victoria University of Wellington] gave three lectures defending chemical evolution, then invited Jonathan to give one lecture on ‘loopholes’ in these models. After the lecture, the professor admitted to the class, ‘If a vote were taken, I would surely come off worse. Jonathan has raised many hurdles—major hurdles.’

But it wasn’t actually so difficult—many of them came from the professor’s own lucid teachings in the real chemistry lectures! This just shows how creationists and evolutionists have the same facts, but interpret them differently.

Quote source

Bates, G. (2004). An awesome mind: A talk with one of Christianity’s foremost defenders, Jonathan Sarfati. Creation Ministries International. Available Last accessed 11th Apr 2015.


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