The resurgence of the Russian Orthodox Church

After the Bolshevik Revolution [in 1917], the Communist government savagely persecuted the Orthodox Church, killing many thousands of clergy and monastics, and closing the vast majority of churches and monasteries. When Communism fell [in 1991], the church returned to visibility, and the last quarter-century has witnessed a startling and many-sided revival. Places of worship have been rebuilt, monasteries flourish again, and pilgrimage shrines have begun a new era of mass popularity…

When [Orthodox Patriarch] Kirill presents Orthodox Russia as a bastion of true faith, besieged by the false values and immorality of a secularized West, his words are deeply appreciated by both the state and the church.

Quote source

Jenkins, P. (2015). Putin’s Corrupted Orthodoxy. The American Conservative. Available Last accessed 2nd Apr 2015.


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