Christianity and Zambia’s educational reconstruction

Building a Christian school system is naturally easier said than done. All the text books in the state schools [of Zambia] were written by humanists and the teachers were trained in humanist universities. Home schools are rare and the people, subverted by almost thirty years of socialism, do not understand that the state has no business in education.

Nevertheless, pastors were invited to present Biblical teaching in various state schools. Peter [Hammond] reports that the students and teachers are exceptionally receptive to Biblical teaching and very hungry for Christian literature, films and videos.

The Minister of Education has asked for foreign missionaries and Christian school teachers to come to Zambia and help build a Christian schooling system. The Minister of Education offered schools to any Christian teachers who would be willing to run them and teach the Word of God.

Quote source

Abshire, B. (n.d) “Those Who Walk In Darkness, Will See A Great Light…”: The Christian Reconstruction of Zambia. Still Waters Revival Books. Available Last accessed 2nd Apr 2015.


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