The web’s ability to unhinge liberal strangleholds

There is now great promise that online education will supplant or transform much of what colleges offer. Conservatives are enthused about the prospect the internet will lay siege to higher education as it has to the media, that other fortress of liberal sanctimony. (The market capitalization of the New York Times Company has declined from $7 billion in 2002 to about $1 billion today.)

Professors furiously oppose competing against other, more famous professors at distant institutions, or seeing the 120-credit hour bachelor’s degree program broken up into customized packages, the way the iPod made it possible to buy particular songs without paying for entire albums. We can expect their efforts to thwart web-based education will succeed as impressively as the typewriter industry’s heroic stand against the personal computer, or John Henry’s against the steam-powered hammer.

Quote source

Voegeli, W. (2013). The Higher Education Hustle. The Claremont Institute. Available Last accessed 27th Mar 2015.


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