Jesus is not a wedge between God and his Word

According to the rhetoric of Philip Pilkington:

Thankfully [Gary] North’s cranky delusions never came to pass because his views on Christianity include advocacy of the death penalty for women who lie about their virginity, children who curse their parents, blasphemers and, of course, male homosexuals. If this doesn’t sound like the sort of “love thy neighbour” and “forgiveness in the eyes of Christ” Christianity which is expounded by the mainstream churches that many of us grew up in it’s because it’s not: this is the lunatic fringe of Christianity; in fact, it’s even the lunatic fringe of the already fairly nutty fundamentalist movement in the US.

Now compare that against the insight of A. William Merrell (speaking in another context):

In fact, for more than a hundred years, those who hold a low view of Scripture have seized upon any pretext to challenge its authority. Their own biases against the Bible stimulate them to irreverently attempt the impossible — to use Jesus as a wedge between God and the Scriptures He Himself inspired. Exhibiting sanctimonious fraud of the lowest order, and hoping to seize the high ground by appealing to the “spirit of Jesus,” they undercut the authority of whatever part of the Scriptures they wish to dodge or dismiss.

If these quotes were golf shots, Merrell’s landed on the green, but Pilkington’s landed in the rough.

Quote sources

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  2. Merrell, A.W. (2000). Bibliolatry — A Fraudulent Accusation. Baptist2Baptist. Available Last accessed 21st Mar 2015.

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