Einstein praising the Church ahead of academics

Nowadays, at least reflecting the anti-Christian spirit of much of the West’s academia and media, we hear statements asserting that the church was essentially complicit, if only by its silence, in the unfolding Holocaust. Ironic to this, none other than Albert Einstein had praised the church, in 1940, for having stood up to the Nazis longer than any other institution in Germany, a fact that won Einstein’s newfound praise for the church.

There is a wealth of evidence showing that Darwinism played a major, if not central, role in Nazi attitudes and actions. The same holds for evidence that, far from being Christians, Hitler and the other Nazis were very anti-Christian.

The Nazi German understanding of Darwin and Darwinism is very much at variance with modern conceptions of the same. Did the Nazis and all the intellectual heavyweights supporting them ‘misunderstand’ Darwinism, or did they—unlike modern academics—correctly face up to the full implications of the Darwinian position?

Quote source

Woodmorappe, J. (2013). The Darwinian core, and fundamentally anti-Christian character, of Nazism: A review of Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview by Jerry Bergman. Available http://creation.com/bergman-nazism-darwinian-review. Last accessed 14th Mar 2015.


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