Leftist rhetoric and its fallacious inferences

Here as elsewhere many on the Left substitute the hurling of epithets for serious discussion.  Why think carefully and responsibly when you can shout: sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, racist, bigoted, Islamophobic, etc.?

One of the basic errors of the Left is the assumption that we are all equal.  It [is] simply not the case.  Men on average are taller than women on average.  That’s just the way it is.  Now it is good to be tall, but it is also good to be nurturing, and women on average are more nurturing than men on average.  No one can responsibly be labelled a sexist or a bigot for pointing out such plain facts as these.

Leftists often compound their error with a fallacious inference.  They infer that since there is no equality of outcome, then there must have been sexism, or racism, etc. at work.  Non sequitur!

Finally, if atheists draw their inspiration from natural science and oppose religion as superstition, then they ought to give some thought as to how they will ground empirically and scientifically key tenets of the leftist worldview.  If you say that we are all equal, with equal rights, and equal dignity, and equal value as persons, etc. what is the basis of all that?  Why isn’t this just residual ideological claptrap left over after the death of God and the collapse of Christianity?

Quote source

Vallicella, B. (2014). When Atheists Eat Their Own: The Sexism Charge. Maverick Philosopher. Available http://maverickphilosopher.typepad.com/maverick_philosopher/2014/10/atheists-eating-their-own-the-sexism-charge.html. Last accessed 14th Mar 2015.


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