Carl Kerby’s rejection of theistic evolution

As an air traffic controller in the military in the late 1980s and a “baby Christian,” Carl happened to take a flight to Portland, Oregon to visit his father. He rode in the cockpit of a civilian airline. During a conversation with the pilots, the Creation/evolution issue came up. Carl indicated that you could take evolution and add it to the Bible and there wouldn’t be a problem. Well, the co-pilot sat up straight and looked over at the pilot and then looked back at Carl and said: “I’m sorry Carl, but that’s incorrect!”

Now, the pilot wasn’t trying to shove his opinion down Carl’s throat. He simply showed him from the Bible that evolution was a completely different worldview and could not be found in Scripture. He introduced Carl to Ken Ham’s book “The Lie: Evolution.” After reading it, Carl’s faith was totally changed. He now knew that God’s Word is true from the beginning (Psalm 119:160).

Quote source

Anon (n.d.). Worldview Weekend Speaker Carl Kerby. Worldview Weekend. Available Last accessed 9th Mar 2015.


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