Children need not be school’s missionaries

Yes, the price is so high for neglecting one’s child education. As a matter of fact when I was faced with such a question recently, when the mother got up and told me she put her child in public school and that she was very happy with the public school and that her child was a light, was a witness, but I told her, I said, ‘you are taking all of these enormous risks with your child,’ and she said ‘well, she’s strong enough that I believe she’s a good enough Christian to withstand it’.

But then I also said, you know, your child is not getting the best education you can give her. Well she couldn’t contend with that because the public school is not giving her the best education, you are simply using your child as a sacrificial animal. You are sacrificing your child to the state for some cause, as a Christian parent your duty should be to give your child the best education you can. That’s your duty as a parent, it’s not to turn your child into a missionary, you see, a child in the early years of life is not a trained missionary, does not know the Bible that well, cannot withstand all the Satanic wiles in the schools, you see.

And then also those years that the child is spending in that public school is that years that will be gone. You can’t replace those years, if something happens to that child, if that child becomes, it’s involved in sex or drugs or as you pointed out with that other mother who called years later and complained and sobbed about what had happened to her daughter, there are too many Christian parents who use that as an excuse.

Because they don’t want to be bothered with the inconvenience of having to find a Christian school or having to spend money on a Christian school, or having to educate the child at home, so they say ‘well I’m putting my child in the school to be a light, to be a witness’. But if that parent is really concerned about giving that child the best education that its parents can give a child, that parent would not put that child in the public schools.

Quote source

Blumenfeld, S. quoted in Rushdoony, R.J. (1986). Dangers Inherent in Public Education [recording]. Available Last accessed 9th Mar 2015.


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