Ken Ham outshines Bill Nye (and Paul Davies)

According to Paul Davies:

But suppose biologists tell us that living organisms are nothing but collections of molecules interacting in complicated ways, that there is nothing more to it than that…Surely, it is much better for us to behold the wonder and ingenuity of nature exposed by the spotlight of knowledge than for us to hide in the corner of ignorance?

But according to Ken Ham (recalling an encounter with Bill Nye):

Bill Nye said that…he ‘loves the joy of discovery’ that’s what it’s all about, this mystery of the joy of discovery.

One of the things I said to Bill Nye was this: You know, from your perspective, no God, we’re the result of natural processes, when you die, you cease to exist, so when you die, you won’t even know you ever existed, and when people who knew you die, they won’t know you existed, you won’t know they existed—what is the purpose of this ‘joy of discovery’?

Tell me, what’s the point? I mean from your perspective, life is meaningless and purposeless—and he gets his strength from that?

Well, I don’t. I get my strength from the Word of God. The eternal God. The infinite creator God, who knows all things, who’s given us his word, and who’s saved us for eternity in what he did on the cross at Calvary.

Quote source

  1. Davies, P. (1998). More Big Questions: Paul Davies in Conversation with Phillip Adams. ABC Books, Sydney, p. 16
  2. Ham, K. (2014). Where Do You Find Your Strength? Ken Ham Answers. Available Last accessed 7th Feb 2014

2 thoughts on “Ken Ham outshines Bill Nye (and Paul Davies)

  1. Wonder is the reason man came down out of the trees. Religion is the exact opposite of this. It purports to have all of the answers. No need for wonder. I could not live without wonder. I can live without God.

    1. So that’s why man came down out of the trees? Where is your evidence for ape-like hominids understanding the concept of wonder to begin with?

      How can you prove that you “could not live without wonder”? It’s not on the same level as food, water, air, or adenosine triphosphate for that matter.

      It’s false to say that religion assigns no value to wonder; the evidence shows that the word ‘wonder’ is used 148 times in the Bible. Pastor James Miller’s blog is also called ‘faith seeking wonder’.

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