Google+ rose and fell like this

Time for a non-religious quote:

Advertising revenues still remain a holy grail for social networks and despite its omnipotent presence in SEO [search engine optimisation], Google failed to really empower brands and form a meaningful partnership with them. Many felt forced into using the platform as Google shifted search algorithms to push up +1’ed pages. This only succeeded in trivialising the platform as its existence soon became about increased SEO in most brand and agency eyes.

The potential scale and reach that Google+ offered always gave brands something to aim for but the whole platform felt forced. Behind every successful social media network is users’ desires to develop better connections. Google’s biggest problem was that those connections had already been happily forged elsewhere.

Quote source

Palmer, J. (2014). The Untying of Google+ from Gmail is the Final Nail in the Platform’s Coffin. The Guardian. Available Last accessed 7th Feb 2015.


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