Christians proving atheists wrong on scientific claims

However, it didn’t take long for certain of the atheists attending [David Catchpoole’s presentation on creationism] to show their disregard for the church’s request that the speaker be given the courtesy of addressing the gathering without interruptions. I had barely started to mention the red blood cells discovered in T. rex bone by evolutionist Dr Mary Schweitzer and her colleagues in the 1990s when the loud interjections commenced.

“She’s retracted that!”, exclaimed one man. When I replied with, “No, she hasn’t”, there was a chorus wail of protestations from several in the audience. “Yes, she has!”, they exclaimed, and were deaf to my “No, she hasn’t” rejoinders until finally the fracas subsided for long enough for me to present the many other soft-tissue-in-dino-bone evidences more recently reported by Dr Schweitzer herself, and others, in the two decades since. E.g. the blood vessels in 2005 and DNA in 2012. (For good measure I also used the opportunity to mention the non-Schweitzerian reporting of radiocarbon in dinosaur bones in 2013.)

Thus confronted with these facts showing their claim was false, the protesters fell silent, and so with order restored I was able to continue.

Quote source

Catchpoole, D. (2014). Getting behind the evolution façade. Creation Ministries International. Available Last accessed 7th Feb 2015.


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