Pastor Steven Anderson’s exposé on Martin Luther King

Now go if you would to Matthew chapter 5.

And again you know, Martin Luther King Jr. mocked this Scripture, and said, you know, “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

Well that’s really cute, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but guess what, God’s smarter than you, and he’s right and you’re wrong, and you’re in hell. You’re in hell right now, Martin Luther King.

And you know why Martin Luther King Jr. is in hell right now? Because he denied the inspiration of the Bible, he denied the Trinity, he denied the deity of the Lord Jesus, he denied his bodily resurrection. All the while saying he was a Baptist pastor—a Baptist pastor.

Look it up my friend, You can go [to] all of his writings, or online archive, because there are a lot of fans  obviously, of Martin Luther King Jr, so you can read all his writings…and that he was just using his position as a Reverend just to get a political platform. Just to get speaking opportunities, just as a platform to speak to a lot of people —“he’s a pastor”.

Look, that’s wicked to call yourself a Baptist pastor when you don’t even believe in Jesus, you don’t even believe the Bible…

And by the way, the Bible says that when all men speak well of you, you’re a false prophet.

Quote source

Anderson, S. (2014) Commandments in Exodus 6 (66-75)” Baptist Preaching on Old Testament Laws [sermon]. Available Last accessed 31st Jan 2015.


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