Ignore masculinity and femininity, at your peril

Yet we march on like we’ve got all the answers, even though our answers have been PROVEN wrong, time, and time, and time again. Marriages have become competitions. Rather than two DIFFERENT people coming together and filling DIFFERENT but complimentary roles, we instead end up with two factions battling for control and dominance. That ain’t marriage, that’s a civil war. People enter into this union without a clue as to what they are supposed to do or how it is supposed to work. They don’t like “gender roles,” so they try to carry on like their genders don’t exist. Generally, that strategy carries them right to the divorce lawyer…

I don’t think it’s ever best to pretend that our spouse is an amorphous genderless blob.

Quote source

Walsh, M. (2013). Men and Women Are Not Equal. The Matt Walsh Blog. Available http://themattwalshblog.com/2013/09/02/men-and-women-are-not-equal/. Last accessed 31st Jan 2015.


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