Translating religious books to change the culture

When I went on my first trip to visit churches and ask for support, I heard it many times, from well-established, respectable, learned Presbyterian ministers and elders, “Why do you want to start with translating books? A mission starts with planting churches. Who has ever changed anything with books?”

The head of the MTW mission in Bulgaria at the time was quite condescending to my idea of changing the culture by translating books. (That mission never really put a lot of effort into translating serious books, only a few short ones, almost brochures.) In the US, I had quite a few hints – and direct offers as well – to change my strategy to planting churches, which would be better for raising funds for the mission…

As it turned out 20 years later, none of those missions that used the “church planting” approach had any long-lasting success – or any visible success whatsoever – while our approach seems to produce growth beyond what we expected…

Quote source

Marinov, B. cited in Acevedo, F. (2014). An Open Letter to Bojidar Marinov and His Followers: Evidence of Errors. Available Last accessed 23rd Jan 2015.


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