The pretended neutrality fallacy made by RationalWiki

According to RationalWiki:

Also, the idea that there is no “neutral” choice between creationism and evolution is absurd; AiG [Answers in Genesis] admits that they start with the assumption that the Bible is literally true. Clearly, not starting with locked-in beliefs about the world is the neutral starting point.

But RationalWiki starts with locked-in beliefs about epistemology—and then pretends to have a neutral starting point on origins. This is an example of the pretended neutrality fallacy. As explained by Jason Lisle:

But anyway, a lot of Christians are fooled by this, they think, “Well yeah, we have to leave the Bible out of the discussion, just stick to science, because that’s all he believes in, let’s meet on neutral ground.”

The problem is there is no neutral ground. The Bible makes that clear. Jesus says “who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters.”

You’re with Christ or you’re against him, you see.

And, “the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God.” It’s not neutral toward God, it’s hostile toward God. Do you know that friendship toward the world is? What, neutrality toward God? No, it’s hostility toward God.

Get the picture? You’re God’s friend or his enemy. You’re with or against him; You’re gathering or you’re scattering. There is no neutral.

And so Dr [Greg] Bahnsen liked to call that the pretended neutrality fallacy, the idea that we can sort of pretend to be neutral. But the Bible says there’s no such thing.

And so, the claim of neutrality is itself unbiblical—because it contradicts Scripture.

See, the Bible says there’s no neutral when it comes to an ultimate standard.

And if you say “oh yes, there is neutral and I’m neutral,” well you’ve just said the Bible’s wrong. In which case, you’re not being neutral; you’ve taken a position.

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