Evolutionists’ assertions on creationism falsified

This is what the atheist/biologist Massimo Pigliucci said in 2005:

Moreover, it is important to note that it was scientists who uncovered the hoax [of Piltdown Man], not creationists, which is both an immense credit to the self-correcting nature of science and yet another indication that creationism is only a religious doctrine with no power of discovery.

So that’s what passes for good research? Surely there are no echo chambers in something as rational as an atheistic worldview. Or are there?

Another assertion [Bill] Nye made multiple times [nine years after Pigliucci] was that creationists do not make predictions. However, this is demonstrably false. For instance, cosmologist Dr Russell Humphreys predicted that Mercury’s magnetic field would display specific characteristics based on biblical assumptions about its origin and age, which were proved correct.

Andrew Lamb expands on that:

Evolutionary predictions had proved wrong, but what of creationist predictions? Decades ago physicist Dr Russ Humphreys developed a planetary magnetic fields model based on the biblical assumptions that God created the planets 6,000 years ago, and that they began as spheres of water (Genesis 1:2; 2 Peter 3:5). He further supposed that God created the hydrogen atoms of every water molecule with their nuclear spins aligned, forming a massive magnet, which thenceforth decayed. In 1984 he used this model to predict the magnetic field strengths of Uranus, Neptune and Mercury.

His Uranus and Neptune predictions (radically different from evolution-based ones) were demonstrated to be astonishingly accurate when Voyager II visited these planets in 1986 and 1989 respectively…

Good scientific theories should be able to make accurate predictions, but evolutionary expectations about Mercury were substantially inconsistent with observed data. In contrast, creationist theories, such as Dr Russ Humphreys’ aligned nuclear spin theory of planetary magnetic field creation, have generated accurate predictions about Mercury.

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