In praise of Victoria Police (restraining the pro-aborts)

The second stage of the march [the 2014 March for the Babies rally] is when things really started to get out of hand. As we marched the radicals made a number of attempts to break free of the police lines and charge at us and attack us. This is where the police really shone brightly. They protected us wonderfully, putting up with horrific hatred and abuse and a non-stop stream of profanities.

One enraged protestor charged right at us, and a policeman downed him with a superb flying tackle…Time after time they attempted to rush at us and attack us, and time after time the police repelled them.

We kept applauding the police and thanking them and telling them we were praying for them. Often you would find a group of 10 or 15 of them running to the next trouble spot, to keep us protected from the furious pro-aborts. They really did do everything they could to protect us. Well done police!

Quote source

Muehlenberg, B. (2014). When Love and Hate Collide. CultureWatch. Available Last accessed 26th Dec 2014.


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