Looking beyond the state for good government

For instance, we’re all still eating at restaurants and buying groceries [during the 2013 US Government Shutdown]. Yet, the Food and Drug Administration furloughed 45 percent of its employees. Now 91 percent of seafood, 50 percent of fruits, and 20 percent of vegetables entering the United States are going uninspected by the government. But that doesn’t mean that the food goes uninspected. Private businesses have every reason to want to serve safe food to their customers because getting an unsafe reputation hurts their bottom line. The shutdown has laid off redundant bureaucrats. It didn’t destroy our food safety.

Quote source

Powell, B.J. (2013) All I Am Saying Is Give Shutdown a Chance. The Independent Institute. Available http://www.independent.org/newsroom/article.asp?id=4754. last accessed 29th Nov 2014.


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