Falsifying predictions of climate science with prayer

Similarly, scientists would not explain a particular rain storm in terms of a farmer’s prayers or a Native American’s rain-dance. We all know that rainstorms are explained in terms of natural factors, such as air pressure, humidity, wind and temperature – all factors that themselves depend on other natural factors. However, my wife and I personally lived through two severe droughts where 100,000s of people were desperate for rain, and in which we helped schedule and promote intensive prayers. In both cases, on those prayer days – in 1977 in Virginia and in 1995 in New York – the local TV and radio meteorologists insisted there was “no rain in the forecast.” Nevertheless, we prayed earnestly. Then almost immediately – within ten minutes in one case, and within four hours in the other case – there were giant, many-hours-long, massive rainstorms. Each time our geographic region received much more rain that was specifically needed, and reservoirs were filled.

Quote source

De Vries, P. (2013). Beware of Blinding Nature Religion: Scientism. Christian Post. Available http://www.christianpost.com/news/beware-of-blinding-nature-religion-scientism-93589/cpt. Last accessed 29th Nov 2014.


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