Educating atheists who rely on ‘goddidit’ rhetoric

I came across this assertion a while back.  Some folk were talking about theism and the philosophy of science:

Nonsense, the fine-tuning argument is just a glorified argument from ignorance.

It basically says: “We don’t know how the constants came to have the values that they do, therefore they were set that way by God”. That we don’t know something doesn’t mean goddidit, it means we don’t know.

Sure, the [physical] constants are finely balanced. But we know nothing about the mechanism by which they came to be that way. We don’t for example even know if they could in theory have any other values. We just don’t know and there’s no way to make that into goddidit.

But that’s a misinterpretation of reality which presupposes that philosophical naturalism is true.  The better interpretation is below:

Yet if God has truly and causally created all things, is self-contained and sovereign and by His providence governs and controls all things, then no fact is a fact apart from God nor has a full and valid interpretation apart from Him. Every fact is a God-created and God-interpreted fact, and this world exists only as a God-created and God-interpreted world. While man’s knowledge of the world, and of Scripture, cannot be exhaustive, it can be true to the measure that it recognizes and interprets what has been fully interpreted by God.

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