Don’t be afraid of using ‘he’ instead of ‘they’

Annoying Habits of Some Philosophers:

5. Advertising one’s political correctness. I am reading an article on some arcane topic such as counterfactual conditionals, when I encounter a ungrammatical use of ‘they’ to avoid the supposedly radioactive ‘he.’ I groan: not another PC-whipped leftist! I am distracted from the content of the article by the political correctness of the author. As I have said more than once, PC comes from the CP, and what commies, and leftists generally, attempt to do is to inject politics into every aspect of life. It is in keeping with their totalitarian agenda.

If you complain that I am injecting politics into this post, I will say that I am merely combatting and undoing the mischief of leftists. It is analogous to nonviolent people using violence to defend themselves and their way of life against the violent. We conservatives who want the political kept in its place and who are temperamentally disinclined to be political activists must be become somewhat politically active to undo the damage caused by leftist totalitarians. By the way, there is nothing sexist about standard English; the view that it is itself a leftist doctrine that one is free to reject.

Quote source

Vallicella, B. (2014). Annoying Habits of Some Philosophers. Maverick Philosopher. Available Last accessed 22nd Nov 2014.


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