The greatest evil does not result from people zealous for God

The simple fact of history is that the greatest evil has always resulted from denial of God, not pursuit of Him. Dennis Prager has noted, “In this [20th] century alone, more innocent people have been murdered, tortured, and enslaved by secular ideologies, nazism and communism than by all religions in history.”

Grab an older copy of the Guinness Book of World Records and turn to the category “Judicial,” sub-heading “Crimes: Mass Killings.” You’ll find that carnage of unimaginable proportions resulted not from religion, but from institutionalized atheism.

Guinness reports, “The greatest massacre ever imputed by the government of one sovereign against another is the 26.3 million Chinese killed during the regime of Mao Zedong between 1949 and May 1965. The Walker Report published by the U.S. Senate Committee of the Judiciary in July 1971 placed…the total death toll in China since 1949 between 32.25 and 61.7 million.”

In the USSR, Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn estimated that state repression and terrorism took over 66 million lives from 1917 to 1959 under Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev.

The worst per capita genocide happened in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. According to Guinness, “More than one third of the eight million Khmers were killed between April 17, 1975 and January 1979.”

The greatest evil does not result from people zealous for God. It results when people are convinced there is no God to whom they must answer.

Quote source

Koukl, G. (2006). Christianity’s Real Record. Available Last accessed 8th Nov 2014.


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