Bible skeptics were answered centuries ago

After nearly seven years, I finished this labour. Every issue raised by the author of the SAB [Skeptic’s Annotated Bible] has been answered, except occassions where the author of the SAB only made a dismissive comment. It appears that the issues he has raised have all been very old, they usually are at least two thousand years old, and he could have easily checked an available commentary. The commentary I have used most is John Gill’s Exposition, available in print since 1746, and available online at many places for free.

It would be helpful for the scoffers to at least check a commentary before raising a question. Because one of the problems is that the questions raised are often not very interesting, and easily answered. As said in my preface, I own a book from Johannes Polyander, written in 1621, discussing many alleged contradictions which contains far deeper questions.

Quote source

de Boer, B. (2011). The author of the SAB answered. Available Last accessed 18th Oct 2014.


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