Putting the epistemological onus on the atheist

Dr Jonathan Sarfati…responded to show that Christians need not play by self-serving new rules made up by their opponents…

And we often point out that the design in living organisms is evidence of an intelligent designer. If this is not evidence, then it’s worth asking: what evidence would convince you that anything has been intelligently designed, whether by human design or by any other intelligence?…

Conversely, the atheist’s axioms are ultimately self-refuting—perhaps the greatest form of irrationality is to believe in rationality when that rationality was supposedly ultimately produced by non-rational random combinations of chemicals.

Quote source

Sarfati, J. (2007). Atheism is more rational? Creation Ministries International. Available http://creation.com/atheism-is-more-rational. Last accessed 11th Oct 2014.


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