RationalWiki’s view of creationists and abiogenesis

RationalWiki offers this:

One of the popular current hypotheses [for abiogenesis] involves chemical reactivity around hydrothermal vents. This hypothesis has yet to be empirically proven although the current evidence is generally supportive of it.

Elsewhere, it asserts:

Not to mention the fact that such a discovery [a second, independent abiogenesis] would be a very firm kick in the balls to creationism, which likes to protest that abiogenesis is extremely unlikely.

But it’s lame to suggest that only creationists view abiogenesis as “extremely unlikely”:

Experiments testing how quickly organic molecules decompose at high temperatures have poured cold water on a popular idea that life may have originated in vents of superheated water on the ocean floor.

‘This is probably the most unlikely area for the origin of life to occur’, says Jeffrey L. Bada from the University of California in San Diego.

In the 1970s, researchers discovered vents near ocean ridge crests that spew out jets of water at superhot temperatures. The heat comes from chambers of molten rock below the ocean floor. Some have suggested that in the early oceans, heat from similar vents might have helped convert simple molecules into the first living organisms.

To test the theory, Bada and colleague Stanley L. Miller measured how amino acids—the building blocks of protein subunits called peptides—coped with vent conditions. They found the amino acids decomposed rapidly, some within seconds. Bada says that even if amino acids could survive the vent out-flow, they could not leave joined together spontaneously to form peptides because this reaction requires dry conditions.

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