Deep time and evolution: fitting the evidence to the theory

To think that the following got 473 thumbs up on Urban Dictionary?

Science is also sometimes posed in opposition to religion. While the two are not necessarily incompatible, there are several points on which they disagree, and there is also a major difference in their underlying principles: Science fits the theory to the evidence. Religion fits the evidence to the theory.

Untrue. Sciences like evolution and geology are guilty of fitting the evidence to the theory; it’s just that most scientists aren’t honest enough to admit it:

So it’s no wonder, as Dr v.d. Ventel pointed out, that a radiometric “date” for rock layers near a fossil “is accepted only if it fits into the grand evolutionary scheme of things. If this is not the case then either new samples are taken or a different dating method is used.”

“Notice, this is not akin to a system of ‘checks-and-balances’ but rather a situation where results are ‘reinterpreted’ in order to obey the evolutionary dogma. Also, radioactive ‘dating’ methods have also been known to give incorrect ages for samples of known age.”

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