The correct understanding of miracles

However, the determining factor for the intrinsic probability of a miracle is not the relative frequency of miracles, but the existence of an agent able and willing to perform a miracle. So, if we assign a high prior probability to atheism, then miracles are indeed intrinsically improbable. However, if we assign a high prior probability to biblical theism, then specific miracles, such as the Incarnation and the Resurrection, become highly probable. So the prior probability of miracles is worldview dependent, and not intrinsic to the event. Whatever one believes about the prior probability of miracles, it is clear that they should not be defined by notions of prior probability because all that does is smuggle naturalistic assumptions into the concept before we get a chance to investigate the claim.

Quote source

Doyle, S. (2013). Defining Arguments Away—The Distorted Language of Secularism. Creation Ministries International. Available Last accessed 6th Sep 2014.


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