An erudite perspective on the Atonement

Christ didn’t die to improve our self-esteem; he died to give us his. He didn’t come to build up our self-worth; he came to knock it down…

I heard a contemporary Christian song recently in which the singer poured out her gratitude for Christ’s death on the cross, but her lyrics reflected a wrong understanding of why Christ died: “What a price I was worth!” Christ didn’t go to the cross because she –or we– are worth it. He went to the cross to bring unworthy people to God. Praiseworthy is the fact that God determined to bring unworthy people unto eternal blessing. Thinking that Christ died because of our inherent worth or to improve our self-esteem, reveals impurity in our heart. A sincere and pure devotion to Christ sees him, not us, as everything.

Quote source

Brownback, L quoted in anon. (2013). Purity, As It Pertains To The Gospel by Lydia Brownback. Ladies Against Feminism/Beautiful Womanhood. Available Last accessed 23rd Aug 2014.


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