Doug Phillips smacks down Michael Gungor’s compromised theology

Michael Gungor asserted that:

And you can still love God and love people and read those early Genesis stories as myth with some important things to teach us. Not all of you will be ready to do that, and that’s perfectly ok. But know that if you create these dichotomies where we force people to either fall into the camp of scientifically blind biblical literalism or a camp where they totally write off the Bible as a complete lie, you’re going to rob a lot of people of some of the richness that the Bible offers.

But that’s facile theology. In contrast, witness Doug Phillips’ theological tour de force:

Consider the implications of our understanding of Genesis on just one doctrine—the atonement of Jesus Christ. The entire hope of the Christian rests on the existence of a:

1. literal Jesus Christ, described by Scripture as the Second Adam, who

2. literally offered up His body as a sacrifice for sinners loved by God, and who paid the price for their sins on a

3. literal cross—a Jesus Christ who

4. literally was the Son of God. It was this God-man who

5. literally died and was

6. literally resurrected on the

7. literal third, 24-hour day after His crucifixion. This was necessary because the

8. literal first man, named Adam, who was created on the

9. literal sixth 24-hour day of creation with all of creation in a state of

10. literal deathless perfection, and was

11. literally declared by God to be

12. literally perfect. Adam lived in a

13. literal garden called Eden, broke a

14. literal commandment which was

15. literally spoken to him by God Almighty, a commandment which instructed him not to eat of a

16. literal tree of knowledge of good and evil, thus causing

17. literal death to fall on all men and animal life. Now all of creation is

18. literally dying, the subject of entropic forces of decay, and creation is waiting for the final redemption in which the earth will

19. literally be restored to its original glory—the same

20. literal sinless/deathless perfection of the

21. literal first creation as described in Genesis 1.

Quote sources

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  2. Phillips, D.W. (1998). An Urgent Appeal to Pastors. Institute for Creation Research. Available Last accessed 23rd Aug 2014.

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