When liberals (and secularists) overlook their bigotry

John L Perkins asserted that:

There are no grounds whatsoever for contending that rules based on dogma derived from ancient cultural mythology should be preferred to modern ethical standards. Conversely the dishonest truth claims and entrenched bigotry that is to some extent a necessary part of all religions inevitably lead to violations of the universal moral principles of compassion, honesty, freedom and justice.

But Bill Vallicella (speaking in different context) saw past that kind of rhetoric with this:

Everyone gets abused verbally in this world and one had better learn how to take it. There are bigots everywhere – liberals are among the most vile, their tendency to project psychologically rendering their bigotry invisible to them

Quote sources

  1. Perkins, J.L. (2006).  National Inquiry into Discrimination against People in Same-Sex Relationships: Secular Party Submission. Secular Party of Australia. Available http://www.secular.org.au/media-releases/. Last accessed 16th Aug 2014.
  2. Vallicella, B. (2013). On Taking Abuse. Maverick Philosopher. Available http://maverickphilosopher.typepad.com/maverick_philosopher/2013/08/on-redneck.html. Last accessed 16th Aug 2014.

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