Playing the ‘imposing’ card in abortion: a red herring

Here’s a typical example of leftist political rhetoric, courtesy of Cecile Richards:

A small group of politicians bent on imposing their personal agenda on every Texan have created a health care catastrophe for women of all backgrounds, but especially those who are low income, rural and women of colour. Women are suffering, and it’s time to put an end to this appalling situation.

But emotions are a lame basis for determining right and wrong. Here’s a wiser view from Malcolm Pollack that slices through the rhetoric:

The motivation of those who believe that there are two parties involved is not to “impose their views”, but to defend the innocent against being murdered. Arguably the question ought to be not whether others have the “right to impose their views” on pro-abortionists, but whether the latter have the right to impose their views, with fatal consequences, upon the unborn. If there is reasonable doubt about the personhood of developing fetuses (and there is), isn’t the more moral course to err on the side of not killing them?

Quote sources

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  2. Pollack, M. (2013). Sugar Daddy – waka waka waka [comment response to blog post]. Available Last accessed 9th Aug 2014.

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