What the Miller-Urey experiment had revealed

RationalWiki interpreted the Miller-Urey experiment like this:

In the 1950s, several experiments by Stanley Miller and Harold Urey verified that the natural formation of amino acids, components of DNA, and other organic compounds out of inorganic materials was possible under the atmospheric conditions of Primordial Earth.

But that interpretation assumes that the atmospheric conditions of a primordial earth have been proven. In any case, Monty White’s interpretation has more depth:

The famous experiment conducted by Stanley Miller in 1953 is often quoted as proof of this [that living organisms evolved from nonliving chemicals]. Yet the results of such experiments show nothing of the sort. These experiments, designed as they are by intelligent humans, show that under certain conditions, certain organic compounds can be formed from inorganic compounds.

In fact, what the intelligent scientists are actually saying is, “If I can just synthesize life in the laboratory, then I will have proven that no intelligence was necessary to form life in the beginning.” Their experiments are simply trying to prove the opposite—that an intelligence is required to create life.

My two cents

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