Fossils, stratigraphic disorder, and a global flood

Ed Morris stated that:

The layers we see in the geologic column not only contain fossils, the fossils they contain have an identifiable order to them. Generally speaking, certain types of fossils are found in certain layers. The arrangement is not random and haphazard as one would expect had all the layers been laid down by a single event. In extremely general terms, the simpler fossils are found in the lower layers, and the more complex fossils are found in the upper layers. Now this ought to be enough evidence to be considered insurmountable all in itself, but there have been some well-known YEC [young earth creationist] attempts to explain it away.

But this is an obviously biased way of interpreting any disagreement with the conventions of evolution and old-earth geology. The understanding of an “identifiable” order becomes a little too elastic to be “insurmountable all in itself”. A better consideration of geologic/fossil layers is by Henry Morris, who cited an academic article:

…and they [authors Cutler and Flessa] say this:

“Any sequence in which an older fossil occurs above a younger one is stratigraphically disordered. Scales of stratigraphic disorder may be from millimetres to many metres. Stratigraphic disorder is produced by the physical or biogenic mixing of fossiliferous sediments, and the reworking of older, previously described hardparts into younger sediments”

Well, that’s a way that maybe they can explain it, that they’re out of order, but they do say:

“Since these processes occur to an extent in virtually all sedimentary systems, stratigraphic disorder, at some scale, is probably a common feature of the fossil record.”

So it simply is not true that you find them [fossils] in the same order all over the world. And then down here a little further they say:

“The widespread occurrence of these anomalies, in dated sections suggest that disorder should be taken seriously by paleobiologists and stratigraphers working at these stratigraphic scales”.

Quote sources

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