A Royal fetus? No, a Royal Baby

But, as Christian writer Eric Metaxas pointed out during [Kate] Middleton’s pregnancy, the world finally, for once, settled on the fact that a baby before birth is a human baby. While abortion activists normally call a child in the womb anything but a baby or a child, this was one rare occasion where “Royal Baby” won out over “Royal Fetus”….

The Brits are clearly—and rightly—treating the royal baby not as a clump of cells to be disposed of for any reason but as fully human, as a person. Yes, friends, the language we use matters. Is the life in the womb a “product of conception” or a person, maybe even a prince in waiting?

Quote source

Ertelt, S. (2013). Royal Baby: For Once the Entire World Knows a Baby is a Baby. LifeNews. Available http://www.lifenews.com/2013/07/22/royal-baby-for-once-the-entire-world-knows-a-baby-is-a-baby/. Last accessed 12th Jul 2014.


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