Atheist assertions irrational; Christian beliefs rational

According to someone called T.B. from the United Kingdom:

… belief in God is irrational, …

To which Jonathan Sarfati responded

This presupposes that it is irrational to believe anything without proof. However, according to the fundamentals of basic logic, all belief systems start with axioms, which by definition are accepted to be true without proof. This applies to atheism, science, mathematics, and propositional logic itself. And there are also many other propositions in everyday life that people believe without mathematically rigorous proof, e.g. that the sun will rise tomorrow, that a mother loves her child, etc. Therefore it is perfectly logical for Christians to use the propositions of Scripture as axioms. This is our bottom line—although the above arguments for God’s existence can be helpful, we believe that the Scriptures are their own authority.

Quote source

Sarfati, J. (2007). Atheism is more rational? Creation Ministries International. Available Last accessed 12th Jul 2014.


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