Pslams, hymns, spiritual songs, and CCM

CCM [Contemporary Christian Music] artists justify their avoidance of “Jesus” and Christian lyrics by claiming they’re using Christian music as a tool for reaching the lost. When used for the purpose of “talking” to the world — they can justify, saying or not saying anything – because after all, they’re TRYING to reach the lost! But Christian music was NEVER meant for the lost world. The Bible is very clear – Christian music is “sung unto the Lord” – not the world!

Not only that — the vast majority of people purchasing CCM is Christians! It is not the lost world! Rather than reaching the lost [which is wrong in itself] CCM is “preaching” it’s “watered-down, anti-Jesus, unCHRISTian, lovey-dovey, non-judgemental, cool, worldly, fleshly, feel-good” message to Christians!

The purpose of Christian music was NEVER meant to evangelize the lost!

God’s method of reaching the lost is the preaching of the Word of God.

Quote Source

Anon. (n.d) Bible Guide to Christian Music. Dial-the-Truth Ministries. Available Last accessed 12th Jul 2014.


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