Ken Ham’s recollection of 1970s creationism

My backlog of unpublished quotes (sitting on my computer) is getting too big. I tend to put off uploading them because I don’t have the inclination to write my two cents worth anymore. So for now, I’m just going to upload quotes on their own.

When the Lord was preparing me for the creation ministry that started in our house in Australia back in the 1970s, I was burdened to search the world for any creation resources I could find to help equip me with answers. At that time, I was a high school science teacher in a public school. While there, I found that the teaching of evolution was one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the students taking the Bible seriously … or listening to the gospel.

In those days, creationist resources were very limited. Today, praise God, there’s a plethora of creation materials available.

Quote source

Ham, K & Looy, M (2007). Tribute to Dr. Bolton Davidheiser. Answers in Genesis. Available, last accessed 12th Jul 2014.


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