Nelson Mandela refutes RationalWiki without realising

RationalWiki asserts that:

An afterlife, on the other hand, actively diminishes the value we put on life as we see it now despite how comforting it is to believe that consciousness can transcend the temporary nature of life.

But Michael Trimmer refutes that, by considering what Nelson Mandela had to say:

In his autobiography, “The Long Walk to Freedom” he talked of his early experiences with Christianity, praising its engagements with the society around him: “The Church was as concerned with this world as the next: I saw that virtually all of the achievements of Africans seemed to have come about through the missionary work of the Church.”

My two cents

To borrow from the cartoon character Martin Prince, that assertion of RationalWiki was highly dubious. I’m tired of atheists who think that humanism is somehow the magic bullet that will improve humanity’s condition.

It failed to convince Nelson Mandela, who understood it was the Christians who were improving people’s lives here and now—not just in the world to come. While that was happening, the atheists were too busy doing other things and rationalising their own thought processes.

Quote sources

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