Christian displays in public schools

In 2008, [John] Freshwater [former public school science teacher] came under scrutiny for incorporating Christianity into the classroom environment, and officials ordered him to remove all religious items from his room, which included a poster of the Ten Commandments, as well as other displays that contained passages from Scripture. He was also told that the Christian materials that he had been using to refute evolutionary theory were concerning. Freshwater agreed to take down the majority of the items, but insisted that the Bible that he kept on His desk had to stay.

Following the incident, supportive students decided to rally behind Freshwater by wearing Christian t-shirts to school and carrying Bibles to class.

My two cents

The bad news was that the Supreme Court of Ohio upheld the decision to fire Freshwater, but it wasn’t a unanimous decision; the ruling went 4-3. If one more went the other way, it may have been a different outcome.

One bit of good news was the classroom students that supported him—good on those students.

I read that Freshwater now works at a private school. What a relief that private schools exist as an alternative to public schools and their humanistic mindset. I hope Freshwater’s current school allows him to put up religious symbols in his classroom.

Quote source

Clark, H. (2013). Ohio Court Upholds Firing of Teacher for Refusing to Remove Christian Symbols From Classroom. Christian News Network, 20 November. Available, last accessed 6th Jul 2014.


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